La herencia

I grew up as the only female grand kid for both my grandmothers, and I had the fortune to spend lots of time with them. By the age of six, I noticed the silent -but somehow aggressive- competition they had going on. I was the precious creature capable (due to my gender) to inherit their legacy. Little I knew, I was soon trained to knit, crochet, sew, embroidery…

They struggled trying their best to infuse the well-mannered skills needed to thrive as a female; however, I did not show a great inclination to engage on any of those activities. The fun started when they taught me how to use knives, cutting boards, the stove, and the oven.

2018 found me softer in the heart and soul. I had an urge for the freaky meals my grandmothers used to make me. Cravings of chicken feet soup, stewed chicken neck, pig trotters, brain croquets, and many other freaky animal parts were flaring-up.

La herencia is a show that portraits the chosen lessons I keep close to my heart and some jewelry items I still can’t find myself to be lady-enough to wear.

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