Since I was was a child, I have this impulse to capture images that later come alive in my mind. It’s a strange urgency I have to document a moment. When the photograph matches the feeling in my soul, my heart explodes in thousand pieces, and I smile.

I fell for photography when I was in six grade, and my dad gave me a Minolta Pocket to play with it. Little he knew I would take away all his photo equipment by the time I reached College. I even dragged the whole thing from Buenos Aires to San Francisco.

After shooting kids in sports for 9 years, shooting for a newspaper, and dressing my friends and family up in funky outfits and playing silly, I quit. I had a really hard time transitioning from analog, film and manual processing, into digital. I cut photography out of my life and just shot my kid.

My very observant husband surprised me with a nice DSRL on a Christmas morning, and it was the slap in the face I need it to get back to stealing images. I am still fighting the technology out of it, but so far Camera and I are sort of even.

Life is short, so snap it!